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Explore our comprehensive reviews highlighting the best flower delivery websites in Italy, from standout performers to those falling short. Get the real scoop on each website's offerings, delivery reliability, and customer satisfaction. Make informed choices for your floral needs with our comprehensive evaluations, with recent data regularly updated by our team.
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Interflora offers a wide assortment of flower bouquets available throughout Italy, thanks to a dense network of florists guaranteeing freshness and prompt delivery across the country.

  1. Lowest price on 29,99 €
  2. Delivery time12 hours
  3. Delivery fees10,99 €

  1. Hand deliveryHand delivery
  2. Gifts and accessoriesGifts and accessories
  3. Greeting cardsGreeting cards

Wine & Flowers

Wine & Flowers offers its customers a wide choice of bouquets and accessories (chocolates, wines, etc.) for delivery throughout Italy. Delivery is free, and includes a greeting card with the message of your choice. Wine & Flowers also offers flower delivery to 120 other countries.

  1. Lowest price on 42,00 EUR
  2. Delivery time12 hours
  3. Delivery fees0,00 EUR

  1. Hand deliveryHand delivery
  2. Gifts and accessoriesGifts and accessories
  3. Greeting cardsGreeting cards


Floraqueen has been growing steadily in recent years, and its high-quality bouquets are now available in most cities of Italy.

  1. Lowest price on 35,88 EUR
  2. Delivery time24 hours
  3. Delivery fees5,90 EUR

  1. Hand deliveryHand delivery
  2. Gifts and accessoriesGifts and accessories
  3. Greeting cardsGreeting cards


Italianflora has a network of over 2,000 florists throughout Italy, enabling them to deliver your bouquet the same day, preserving its freshness. Delivery is free nationwide and includes a greeting card. An international delivery service is also available.

  1. Lowest price on 38,00 EUR
  2. Delivery time24 hours
  3. Delivery fees0,00 EUR

  1. Hand deliveryHand delivery
  2. Gifts and accessoriesGifts and accessories
  3. Greeting cardsGreeting cards

Description of ranking factors

Lowest price on
How much does the cheapest bouquet cost?

What's the price of the cheapest bouquet on a given website? We gsthered this information so you don't have to. Our team regularly reviews prices so that the data is current.

Delivery fees
How much is charged for delivery?

Since most companies aren't as transparent about this information as they should be, we decided to go ahead and go through the process of ordering flowers on their websites to find out how much is added for delivery.

Delivery time
How long until my bouquet is delivered?

Most areas of Italy can be delivered within the same timeframe. However, not all flower delivery companies deliver the same way (hand-delivery vs. shipping, see below) and with the same speed.

Hand delivery
Will my flowers be hand delivered?

This icon means the company relies on florists to deliver your flowers to your recipient. That's what is meant by "hand delivery", and it usually translates into a quicker process, as florists do not rely on postal service.

Shipping by mail
Will my flowers be shipped by mail?

Many companies use shipping boxes to send their flowers - with great results quality-wise, but a bit more slowly than having a florist deliver them in person. However, shipping is a cheaper delivery option.

Can I add an accessory to my bouquet?

Some companies are only able to send bouquets to your recipient, but an increasingly great number of them now allow you to pick from a nice selection of side gifts you can send with your flowers, such as chocolate, wine, teddy bears and other treats.

Are greeting cards available?

While all floral companies will let you attach a message to your bouquet, some still don't allow you to pick an actual, high-quality greeting card. A growing number of floral companies in Italy actually let you upload your own picture and use it as your greeting card, so be sure to look for that option if it's important to you.

Sending flowers to Italy in 2024

There is no shortage of beauty in Italy. In fact, many people agree it's probably the most beautiful country in the world. Throughout time, flowers have always played an important part in festivities, traditions and ceremonies. Florists have been perfecting their art for centuries. Today, although the world has changed dramatically, this long history and these traditions continue to play a role in the way Italians express their feelings through flowers.

Florists and flower delivery companies operating in Italy have largely become a professional affair. Some stores only operate nationally in Italy and in Italian, while other multinational companies deliver to several other countries, and are able to process orders in many different languages. The price of flowers in Italy is considered lower than in its neighboring countries, although prices vary depending on the company, the bouquet, and the type of delivery. Our website review system has been designed to help you keep track of these differences, and present them to you in a simple fashion.

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