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Sending flowers to Italy in 2024

There is no shortage of beauty in Italy. In fact, many people agree it's probably the most beautiful country in the world. Throughout time, flowers have always played an important part in festivities, traditions and ceremonies. Florists have been perfecting their art for centuries. Today, although the world has changed dramatically, this long history and these traditions continue to play a role in the way Italians express their feelings through flowers.

Florists and flower delivery companies operating in Italy have largely become a professional affair. Some stores only operate nationally in Italy and in Italian, while other multinational companies deliver to several other countries, and are able to process orders in many different languages. The price of flowers in Italy is considered lower than in its neighboring countries, although prices vary depending on the company, the bouquet, and the type of delivery. Our website review system has been designed to help you keep track of these differences, and present them to you in a simple fashion.